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Terms of Service

Give a deeper look at our TOS!

  1. Changes to TOS
    These terms of service are subjected to change at any time and will apply to all orders placed prior to the last TOS edit date. No notifications will be sent when changes to TOS are made. It is your responsibility to review the TOS before placing orders.

  2. Refunds
    All sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.
    Replacements are only provided for accounts that are banned before delivery date as outlined below.

  3. Account Bans
    Accounts that are banned on first login and before delivery date will be replaced upon providing screenshots of the account's history and logins of the accounts.

  4. Account Locks
    Accounts have unregistered emails. Therefore, no replacement will be given for accounts that locked. Please use the correct IP corresponding to the country of the created account to avoid locks and/or register an email to unlock the accounts.

  5. Disclaimer
    These accounts are botted and are recommended to use for botting purposes. You should only purchase what you need. And try to make the most out of those accounts as soon as you can. Do not buy extra to save for later use as there is no guarantee they will still be alive by the time you use them.